GU Orbit is a student-led society established within the University of Glasgow. The vision of the society is to democratise space for students and researchers alike. Consequently, granting opportunities to the innovative thinkers of today, allowing them to test and demonstrate their world-changing work and, subsequently, aid in the preparation of the next generation for a world beyond ours.

A CubeSat (nanosatellite) is a more economical and efficient option in comparison to a traditional satellite thanks to widely available commercial off-the-shelf components and its practical size. We, at GU Orbit aim to make space more accessible to all by building and launching a CubeSat annually.This will enable researchers to explore and demonstrate new space technologies, while at the same time perform scientific research functions in Low Earth Orbit. GU Orbit furthermore offers students and space enthusiasts a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get hands-on experience in space technology, which is not offered in the traditional university STEM curricula.

Our Missions

CloudviewBalloon LaunchTBA
Astraeus-01Satellite LaunchTBA
OirthirSATSatellite MissionTBA

Cloudview (2022)

As it soars past fierce winds into gentler altitudes, this weather balloon will be carrying GU Orbit’s first prototype GPU. The aim is to combine this processing power with a video camera to perform onboard cloud-segmentation read more…

OirthirSAT (2023)

The OirthirSAT mission aims to demonstrate the onboard extraction of coastal and vegetation boundary data from Earth Observation (EO) images to better arm researchers and policymakers working to limit the effects of climate change read more…

Astraeus-01 (2023)

Our current mission is set to launch in 2023. This mission will see a Cubesat that will carry two payloads. A de-orbiting sail that will be used to enable the satellite to re-enter the atmosphere as a way to prevent the accumulation read more…