GU Orbit has been providing students from all disciplines an engaging and fun project (building, launching, and operating a CubeSat) to be a part of during their university years since it was founded in April of 2019. GU Orbit started when a group of intelligent and like-minded students pushed their passion for space to the forefront and wanted to make everyone a part of it, resulting in GU Orbit. Quickly, the small group of students gained traction and received support and mentorship from the University of Glasgow. This support led more students interested in space to join, which led GU Orbit to gain more than 30 members in less than 6 months. This ultimately allowed GU Orbit to operate similarly to a small company with different areas of focus for the many needs of the team. This diverse environment has allowed students to pick up extremely useful skills that their specific degree may not focus on much, with many students learning useful soft and technical skills from working alongside other students from different backgrounds and degrees.

In only a matter of years, GU Orbit has built relations with several companies and research departments and plans to further improve relations in the future. This has allowed GU Orbit to incorporate these companies’ and research departments’ technology onto satellites. In consequence, students have also acquired invaluable experience with new technologies and research equipment along with real experience working with the space sector. From here on, all GU Orbit can do is grow and go on to do even greater things working with the University of Glasgow, space companies from all over the world, and the Glasgow community themselves.

Our Aims

As a student-led project, GU Orbit has goals that aim to benefit the students, the university, and the companies we work with in much more direct ways. GU Orbit wants to work with many space companies from the UK and outside of it. With this resulting collaboration, GU Orbit aims to provide forms of advertisement and endorsement through the large media presence that may accompany launches, along with this, GU Orbit also aims to provide academic help with research and innovations from the large group of intelligent students that form part of the team. GU Orbit also aims to provide students with extremely useful knowledge of space systems and to give the students vital professional skills which can only be developed through hands-on experience. Finally, GU Orbit also aims to be a low-budget yet sustainable organization that pushes the boundaries of what can be sent and done in space. This is one of GU Orbit’s most important mission aims.

It is important for us to provide an equal learning and motivating workspace for our members to generate creativity and broaden their skill set for future employment. GU Orbit has been actively involved in technical and non-technical projects to increase the exposure and expertise of our members; this allows our team to work in fields where they are able to gain valuable hands-on experience.